Spouses and significant others are most welcome to join us for a fun-filled week-end. 

In addition to a reception and dance, there will be lots of time for informal socializing and maybe a little high jinx, just like the good old days.  Scheduled events will include complimentary food, and a no-host beverage bar will be available.

We are aiming to finalize plans by the end of 2021 and registration information will be available then.  Those details will be posted on this website.  If we have your current email address we will email you the new registration package.  For those not on line, we will mail out your package as soon as details are finalized, hopefully by year end.  Please contact us if we do not have a current email or mailing address so we can put you on our list to receive the new registration package.  


Pictures of each class will be taken at the banquet.  The cost is currently unknown.  that will also be determined in late 2021.  We will be able to mail you the photo or send it digitally to your e-mail.   If you want a picture you will be asked to include the cost when you register for the reunion.

Alumni Directory

An Alumni Directory with a list of contact information for each of the classes from 1960-1972 was compiled in 2017. Since then many corrections have been made and will continue to be made as we receive new contact or different contact information. We have made a concerted effort to find everyone but our directory may be incomplete. If you have not done so, send your contact information to: wchsreunion60s@gmail.com.  Copies of the directory (for those not in attendance) can be ordered and will be mailed to you at a cost of $8.

We want the names and contact info for 1958 and 1959 students.  If you are one of these individuals please click here to send us your current information


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Don't forget to share your bio and update your contact information.

We will be updating this website from time to time between now and the reunion.  However, starting right away, please do all that you can to alert all of our classmates, for whom you have contact information, about the 60's Reunion 2nd Edition.   Donít worry for a second about potentially doubling-up or tripling-up on the reunion notifications received by our classmates Ė at our age, redundant repetition, over and over again, more than once, can be a good thing.



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